Senin, 22 Desember 2008

Penampakan Hantu Wewe

This ghost picture is looks so great but i am so sorry to make you disapointed about it because i can prove that this is not the real ghost picture. this is just the manipulation of ghost picture. the left image is not looked like a ghost but this is just looked like an effect of cafas tool. here i can watch the detail of the image that you just crop the ghost image and then paste it to your picture. after you paste it you just reduce the strength of the light then finally you get the picture effect as same as on the image above. but here i can appreciate your work. it so great dude. congratulation for you. by using this image you can make a cildren scary but not for me.
you can find there so much scary kuntilanak ghost picture at site.


Hantu Kuntilanak Di Foto Dari Jarak Dekat

look at this scary kuntilanak ghost which i found from it is really scary is not it? look at her body and her white hands that looked like a monster and. how if the ghost accompany you, when you are sleeping. do you think that this ghost picture is real? i dont think so, i think this is not a real ghost picture, it is too impossible for some one to capture a ghost picture like this. as close as this and as real as this picture i mean. it is looked like a movie scene. just lok at the environment color. this is indicate that there some thing manipulated with shadow dark and gold color. but it is really fun for us is not it it is a great work for the person who capture it. thumb up for you


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